April 30, 2012


Andika, already been my boyfriends for 4 years, and finally we had the engagement party on 31 Maret 2012. Its became really gave me double happiness for me, because one day before, I got my new age and also have Andika to be my fiance after the day.
We already had a big plan about our relationship, 4 years relationship its enough for us to bring this to the seriously step, we planning have an engagement on end of March and wedding on May. 
Its been a huge month to make our wedding preparation be perfect as well. 
Andika give me a little suprise, SWEET  for me, because he gave me an engagement ring, so beautiful ring. I'm suprised and really happy, i'm the luckiest girl on the world!
Thanks baby, you really made my day! 

luv always,

April 23, 2012

Free! Magazine

Thanks Raisha WP, lovely fashion stylist 
♥ ♥ ♥